Complete Media House​

Media Live is a full-service advertising agency with years of experience. Based in Kerala, Kozhikode, We come with years of expertise and capabilities to deliver services in the areas of digital/traditional advertising & Brand building, Video Production, Web Design & Development and Social Media Marketing.

We are a diverse group of people who operate in a free and media agnostic culture. We take pride in being fearless thinkers and provocateurs. We challenge and redefine norms with our ideas.


Leading through Innovation.


This will be achieved through excellent visual elements and principles to deliver original creative solutions which resonate strongly with your audiences and position you as a thought leader in the market. we are able to blend your vision to the world through creativity and help with the brand redesign and brand identity development to make you stand out from the crowd.

Video Production

Stories are an easy way to understand complex instructions or processes and force us to consider new ways of doing things. Our brains are hardwired to seek stories out and pay attention to them. For this reason, creative storytelling is the perfect way to connect with your audience.

Web Design & Development

We are a world-class web design agency that specialises in high-end web design and creating websites that not only look great but also help to meet our client's goals. We create designs of all shapes and sizes, from small sites to large e-commerce sites, but all with the same level of passion and skill.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a relatively new world. Allow our teams’ vast experience and knowledge of social media management to guide you through the process. What makes our social media marketing services unique is our proven ability to combine the power of social media with social data to maximise ROI.

The Possibilities are Infinite

Brands We Work With